The Flushing Inn: 1960 - 2010


The family at the Flushing know that you will be disappointed to learn that on Saturday 2nd October 2010 the Flushing Inn Restaurant closed. Sheila and I have now reached the age when we must retire, Heather and Sean wish to investigate pastures new and if you wish to find out about their new project in Yorkshire, please visit <a href=""></a> for more details.

The Flushing itself is also retiring. This means that as of midnight on Saturday 2nd October 2010, the Flushing changed its style and became a private residence; we as a family get the impression that the Flushing would also like a quieter existence!! So it is with great sadness that we all came to this decision, but know that you will understand our feelings.

To conclude on an informal note, the Family do Thank You for your support and patronage over the last half century, on our part we have enjoyed creating the atmosphere at the Flushing for good food and service in the "old style" taught to us. Our sincere best wishes to you all.

Signed on behalf of the "Flushing Family" 1960 - 2010:
Tony and Sheila Mann 1960 - 2010
Sean and Heather Flynn 1978 - 2010
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